Fruit Butters

Our wide assortment of Amish made fruit butters are our most popular products here at the Amish Market.  We have shipped our locally made Amish Apple Butter all over the country and even to some places out of the country.  Once you try our locally made Amish Apple Butter you will be hooked.   Be sure to try our other fruit butters as well, including peach, pear, and pumpkin butter.

Our locally made apple butter is produced by slow cooking select apples in large kettles for 12 or more hours.  The kettles are being constantly stirred using large wooden paddles to prevent burning.  Over time the apple's natural sugars begin to caramelize giving apple butter it rich brownish color.  Spices are then added to the cooking apple butter such as cloves, nutmeg, and most importantly cinnamon.  The extra long cooking time gives apple butter a much longer shelf life than standard apple sauce.

 If you visit the Illinois Amish country you will find Apple Butter on the table at pretty much every restaurant in the the Arthur area.  Apple butter, as well as our other fruit butters, is commonly used as a topping for fresh baked biscuits and toast here in the Amish country but that is not its only use.  All of our fruit butters taste great on pancakes, sandwiches, and even as an ingredient to many of your favorite recipes.  For some great recipes that use our Amish Apple Butter please visit our recipes page.

The local Amish food makers use only the finest ingredients in all of their fruit butters.  Many of the fruits are grown on site and taken directly from the tree and used in the fruit butters.  This allows us to offer fresh pear, peach, pumpkin, and apple butter in our gift baskets.